Google Maps for the UK

Well, it wasn't long ago that I was trying to find a backdoor into Google's maps of places other than the US. I couldn't find it at the time (probably because there wasn't one) but on Monday Google announced that they were expanding their mapping service, Google Maps, and also their Google Local service, to cover the UK as well. Google Maps UK centres the view on the UK, although for some reason they choose to cut off the northern tip of Scotland. There are limitations though, as Gary Turner points out in his blog. For example, you get pointed to the wrong place when you search for some places in the UK that are called the same thing as places in North America. Or when you search for a Manx postcode such as IM1 2RF - the sea terminal in Douglas - it sends you to somewhere a long way away from the Isle of Man. Also, as Chris Heathcote illustrates, Google has a rather strange view of the world which makes it seem like the US and UK are the only places in existence. An overview map of the world would be a nice feature to have, even if you can't zoom in and get more detail everywhere.