Mapping the news

Screenshot from buzztrackerToday I came across buzztracker, a website which maps the connections between different places based on news items which have been published that day. It's fascinating to see where the 'hotspots' are and how they change from day to day.

The site reminds me of a couple of others I've come across over recent years which also set out to map the news.

Global Attention Profiles were the first to spring to mind, where each country is coloured according to the percentage of news coverage it's had that day based on a number of different news organisations' feeds. The does it slightly differently by adding headlines of stories mentioning specific countries to the countries themselves. It doesn't cover many headlines so it isn't particularly useful but it's an interesting stepping stone to something which in theory could be so much more advanced. The Today's Front Pages interactive map takes a different approach still, showing the front page of the day's newspapers as you move your mouse over the city it's published in. on the other hand doesn't map the news geographically but does map it visually according to how popular stories are judged to be.