Maps, maps and more maps

I've known for a long time that I have an element of geekiness to me (who doesn't?) but it really struck me today whilst visiting Stanfords map shop in Covent Garden, exactly how geeky I am when it comes to maps and things like that.

I was in there recently to buy a map of the area surrounding Salzburg but only really got to see the ground floor of the shop. Walking nearby today with a friend, I thought I'd drag him in for a quick look around. After a bit of a wander around the ground floor (and a thumb through some fascinating books about Metro Maps of the World and other such things) I descended into the basement to find my friend trying to locate himself on a map of London that spanned the whole basement floor. There's an equivalent aerial photo of the same sort of size in the lower ground floor of the London City Hall, known in the Greater London Authority as the London Photomat.

Before long my friend was trying to prise me away from a whole 'nother floor of books. I'll have to go back and spend a whole afternoon in there at some point I think!