Light reading

Mapping HacksLately I've been flicking through the excellent Mapping Hacks book which has a set of a hundred useful things you can do with maps, from simply mapping things of interest using online mapping websites to creating all sorts of things of your own. The name hacking has bad connotations to many but in this sense it literally means making the most of services which are available (in an above board sort of a way). It's a great book which you can just pick up from time to time and find a hack or two that are of interest to you. It gives a wide range of things you can do and is suitable for people at different levels of competency.

You can read some sample hacks and excerpts from the book on its publisher's website, or see the Mapping Hacks blog.

Web Mapping IllustratedAnother book came in the post as well the other day - Web Mapping Illustrated. This one is more about web mapping using open source software and is more to do with creating systems of your own than the mix and match Mapping Hacks of creating your own and using existing systems for all sorts of ingenious things. I've yet to look through the book properly but it is looking like it may be useful in giving me some guidance when creating a web map for my dissertation project.

I'm really reading these two books out of general interest whilst also having to look into some of the more academic books and papers that will be useful for my dissertation.