Marking your route

When I created a map of events on 7th July here in London I wanted to learn how to do it using the Google Maps API. I did learn how to do it, although in a rather long winded fashion by copying and pasting geographic co-ordinates from Google Maps into my Javascript code for each and every turn in my journey. If I had more time then I would have written a little app to do the whole process for me. I was still thinking I would, but then today realised that somebody had done exactly the same thing over at Gmaps Pedometer.

This nifty little script lets anybody go in and create their own routes anywhere that Google maps. Whilst you are doing it, the pedometer measures the distance for you and will even tell you how many calories you've burned if you really want to know. Best of all, if you want to show others your route, you can easily link to it.

I will probably be making some London routes in the future, perhaps to show some picturesque walks around the capital.