The year the tweets took over

I used to blog.

I started posting short news updates to this site back in 2002, before I knew it as blogging. Some time later - around early 2007 I think - I signed up to Twitter (@dankarran). That was probably the point my blogging frequency started to slow down. Twitter just made it so much easier to post short updates or retweet interesting things that other people have posted.

Why sit down and write a whole post when you can just tweet 140 characters while you're on the go? In some ways it makes sense, but having a blog that hasn't been posted to in over a year does seem a bit of a shame.

2012 is the year in which I set up my own company (Geobits), switched to being my own boss, and started discovering the life of a freelancer. That in itself has introduced me to many topics that I could write about, and perhaps will at some point. There's also the technology, from using Drupal 7 and Drupal Commerce on most of my recent projects, to trying out some personal tracking gadgets like the Fitbit and starting to explore the possibilities of the tiny, cheap Raspberry Pi computer.

In August I'm looking forward to going to DrupalCon Munich (my first DrupalCon since Washington DC in 2009) which should give me some good topics to explore as well.

Let's see how this works out. If I've not posted again for a while, come and find me on Twitter.