Senior Full Stack Developer with a background in geospatial data

My most recent work included building a global ship tracking platform from the ground up, working with large datasets to provide new products and services, and building various InsureTech solutions for the maritime insurance sector.

In recent years I’ve mostly been working with PHP, Laravel, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Vue.js, Bootstrap, Leaflet, and some Python as well. I also have experience of various AWS products, including Athena for processing large datasets. For visualising geographic data, I have experience with QGIS for map graphics, and Geoserver for dynamic mapping, as well as Leaflet for making the data easily browsable.

I’m currently available for work on either a contract basis (via Geobits), or on a full time employment basis for the right role (ideally a hybrid role based in London). If you’d like to discuss a project or a role, please get in touch. You can see my CV or find me on LinkedIn.

In my spare time, I enjoy photography, running, cycling, and occasionally mapping things on OpenStreetMap.

Photo of Dan Karran