Drupal KML module released

Tonight saw the release of the KML module I've been working on for the Drupal content management system. The main features of the module currently include the ability to:

  • add a KML link to the bottom of all spatially enabled nodes
  • view all spatially enabled nodes in Google Earth
  • view nodes tagged with a certain term
  • view nodes from within a group
  • view search results
  • determine order of nodes that are displayed in Google Earth, allowing for alphabetical or time-based flythroughs of nodes for example.

If you are interested in this module, please feel free to try it out. You can see parts of the module in action over at geodan.org/kml-module.

It's been developed on Drupal 4.7 and the source is available in the CVS repository or as a package. If you come across bugs or things that aren't working as expected, please add them (along with any suggestions or feature requests) to the issue tracker on drupal.org.

It took me a while to get to grips with using CVS and specifically MacCVSClient (to add to SVN which I also recently got to grips with) but finally I managed to import the module source to the Drupal CVS repository. I think I still need to tag it to make sure it's packaged properly from the module description page and therefor easier to download, but that can wait until the morning.