OpenStreetMap module for Drupal

For quite some time now I've been thinking about the best way to create a mapping and local information site for the Isle of Man - what will become once ready. Currently it's a very bare, ugly site, so don't pay too much attention to it. Working with the Drupal content management system so much, I naturally thought of that as the way forward, largely because of its flexibility but also because it gives me a good head start in developing a site that can do all sorts of things already, without me having to implement them individually.

I had jotted down some notes in the past about what I wanted out of a site, but never really got quite as far as implementation details. Then earlier this week I went to an old haunt of mine - an Irish bar by where I lived in the first few months of being here in Stuttgart - and sat down with my notepad and pen (both of which I carry at all times). I wanted to start jotting down some more fine grained requirements for what I want, and how I may go about integrating this into Drupal as a module that other people can apply for their own local areas as well.

Then last night I started coding the OpenStreetMap module up. I'm hoping - as long as I can spend enough time on the project - that I will soon have the ability to create a local information site for the Isle of Man, based on top of a map from the OpenStreetMap project to which I've already contributed a large amount of data for the island to get the mapping process started. (Since I started earlier this year a number of other people have joined in to flesh out that data even more, which is handy because being in Germany right now, I can't add too much).

I would have spent the weekend working on the module but I'm actually travelling over to Munich in the morning to meet up with a bunch of OpenStreetMappers for a Mapping Weekend to map the centre of Munich.