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Essentially a lack of news

I noticed it's been a few weeks since I last put up a post, and that the last one carried a similar feeling... Basically, there is no site news and there are no new photos as I haven't had a chance to go out when the weather's been nice and I haven't either been at work or in bed.

Two weekends ago I was up in Birmingham for a friends 21st birthday, which was good fun (despite the fiasco trying to get the right train tickets). Friday night involved countless bars, a stripclub and a nice cheap club with indie/cheesy music (Snobs Nightclub). Saturday I met up with another friend of mine, after spending a large portion of the day trying to find clothes to wear to a School Disco type club night. The night was cool even though we were just about the only people there who'd bothered with uniform :). Two nights clubbing in a row though, meant I was shattered by the time I came home on Sunday.

On Monday I was working on a new site for some friends up in Manchester, which involved a load of PHP coding and MySQL database stuff to get it to work properly. It works now though at least :)

Interesting photo diary

I just stumbled upon a great personal photo gallery, I found the site, owned by a guy called Julian Pye, through Google whilst searching for pictures of Brighton. At first I was getting frustrated by the complex navigation - links here there and everywhere - but after a while I actually started to like the way I could pinpoint the categories I wanted to look at. Eventually, I ended up looking through them all in date order anyway, and there are a good collection of photos in there.

The post has nothing at all to do with my site, I just thought I'd give people something new to look at whilst I get round to putting more of my own photos up :)

Website launch

Reuters Graduate Opportunities siteThe site I've been working on over the summer at Reuters launched on Friday to mark the start of a new academic year. The site is their Graduate Opportunities website, aimed at current and recently graduated students.

Much of the sites infrastructure was there prior to my starting and much of my work has been working as part of a small team of interns and placement students to update the site ready for this years recruiting campaign.

Going digital (again)

After two years of using my standard SLR much more than my old digital camera, I think I may upgrade to a funky new Fuji FinePix S602 Zoom. The S602 can take images up to 6 megapixels, which compared to my old one would be a massive improvement. The image quality is the main reason I stopped using digital cameras at the time, but it has improved a lot in recent years. This would allow me to use my photos for both online and hopefully print use too.

I'm still looking at other cameras but it's looking pretty likely at the moment that I'll invest in one of these new generation digital cameras to replace my outdated Kodak DC240i.

Back in Britain

Rough Guide to AmsterdamWe got back from Amsterdam at lunch today (and straight back into work) after a great weekend in the city of canals, tulips and other stuff :)

We stayed in a nice little hostel called Bed & Coffee for most of the trip, before it was pointed out to us on the Sunday we hadn't actually booked anywhere for the last night - d'oh! So instead we stayed at a hostel right in the heart of the red light district (called The Globe) for our last night.

I'll have some pictures of Amsterdam up on the site soon, as and when I remember to put them into Jacobs to be developed...

Trip to Amsterdam

easyJet.comA few friends and I have booked ourselves on a cheap easyJet flight to Amsterdam for next weekend. It will be my first time there, and I hope to be taking lots of photos whilst soaking up the atmosphere :)

When I get back I'll be putting some of the photos up on the site, as and when I get a chance...

Problems with my email

It appears as though I've been having some problems with my email recently. Some messages haven't been getting through and have been bounced back to the sender. That's what comes from using a free server for my email!

If you haven't been able to get email through to me, try again and it should work...

Feature galleries

Manchester Mardi Gras 2002 - by Dan KarranAfter spending some more time last night putting new photos up in the Manchester Mardi Gras gallery, I thought I ought to tidy up the code and the structure of that part of the site a little.

I've moved the only gallery I've created so far, and created a photographic features page to allow for better access when I put more galleries on in the future. I've also added the galleries into the left hand menus under the photography section.

GoogleAll of this work helps promote my site further on Google too, which is always good. Currently Google is hooked on my site and keeps coming back every day to see what's new.

Please note: as I have changed some of the page locations, if I've given you a link to a non-public gallery then it won't work now. Email me and I'll tell you what the new address is for it...

Birthday treat in Manchester

Partying at Manchester Mardi Gras 2002 by Dan KarranOver the long bank holiday weekend, I gave myself a birthday treat - a trip to Manchester. I had a great time and got to see a lot of my friends from university, which was cool.

Despite the poor weather at times over the weekend, the city was certainly very colourful as this was the weekend of the Manchester Mardi Gras (more photos coming soon...)

Just in the two months or so that I've been away from Manchester, it has changed dramatically - largely due to the Commonwealth Games I imagine. The amount of open space in the centre has increased a lot and there are now places where you can actually you want to go on a nice day. I wonder how much more it will change in the year that I'm away...

My birthday signifies the end of my teenage years, though I feel no different at all. In fact it takes a second for me to figure out how old I actually am... Does that just mean I'm getting old? Thought so. :)

More of the photos on the way

Andrea, who I work with at Reuters, has just put a selection of her cool photos from the past few weeks on MSN Photos, so I thought I'd let you all take a look. I do believe I'd been drinking in some of them, so that's my excuse for looking funny... :) (you need to click 'View slide show contents' to display them all)

I've just put in another roll of my own London photos to be developed too. I'll also be putting in my first Black and White roll (since about the age of 14) tomorrow, so keep an eye out for more photos on the site soon. I spent most of Monday night putting photos of friends on here (hidden though, to save their embarrassment).

Andrea, by the way, is just as (if not more) snap-happy with her camera as I am. If we go out to the pub after work at least one of us will have our camera out taking lots of photos of all the drinking people. Check out the pics of Jorunn drinking a whole pitcher to herself (honest - we didn't fake them).

I'm travelling up to Manchester over the weekend to catch up with friends for my birthday. I'll no doubt take more pictures of Manchester, but I suspect lots of them will be from the inside of pubs :)


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