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New London photos

London Liverpool Street Station by Dan KarranI've added ten new pictures of London to my photo galleries today. The photos are from St Paul's Cathedral, London Liverpool St Station, Covent Garden and the new London City Hall.

There are still more photos to go up - as and when I get round to scanning them in and finding the best way to do them. I am currently trying to find the best settings for my new scanner to allow my scanned photos to be of the best quality. By the way, the posting of these photos takes the site up to a total 346 photos so far.

New scanner arrived

Umax Astra 3450 scannerI ordered myself a new scanner - a Umax Astra 3450 - the other day, and finally got it home last night, after dragging it through London (via a pub).

So, now I have a working scanner at home and 12 packets of photos waiting to be scanned. I guess at some point soon I ought to get a chance to scan some of them in and put them on here. I have yet to finish putting up all of my New York photos from March too!

Covent garden

I was out on Saturday taking lots of pictures of Covent Garden in North London, before the weather came in and forced me (along with thousands of others) under the cover of the central market. I was ready to make a dash for the station when the blue skies started to appear; luckily I noticed and stayed a little longer.

Actually, it seems I spent a lot of time last week in and around Covent Garden. I went out with Andrea and Martin from work to a bar called the Rock Garden on Thursday for a few quiet drinks after work. At around 1am we thought we better head off. We decided to stay and crash a party - which we later found out to be a singles party. Well, it was certainly interesting! Almost magical for some, not to name any names :). Friday we went for more drinks, this time softdrinks, and managed to stay away from the Rock Garden. I never come away from that place sober!

The point to this post is that I will be getting a load of photos back tomorrow and will put some online at some point soon. Lets hope my scanner works or I can find another one that does...

New photos

Port Erin bay by Dan KarranI've added a bunch of photos to the site tonight, after picking up my CDs from Jacobs earlier on today. It turns out though, they aren't going to be as cheap as they'd originally said. Grrrrr. I think I'll stick to traditional methods and try and get my scanner fixed.

The photos I've added are from my trip to Brighton two weekends ago along with a couple of London at night from my trip back. When I was in the Isle of Man last weekend I took a trip with my family to the new Calf Sound cafe and visitor centre which all seems very nice, and with the Sunday being such a gorgeous day I went out and took some photos of the area. I have also added a selection of photos from Port Erin beach.

A Manx weekend

This weekend I travelled back over to the Isle of Man to meet up with my friends for a 21st birthday gathering. Travelling north on the Friday I thought the weather would be rubbish, with all the nice weather we'd had in London till then. Unsuprisingly, it was all misty arriving in Douglas on the SeaCat on Saturday morning. Sunday turned out to be gorgeous however. I spent much of the day on Port Erin beach and taking photos (oh, and recovering from the night before, of course). Now I'm a little burnt again as a result - that's two weekends in a row I've managed to get sunburn!

I should have some new photos to put on the site now though. I have opted for putting them straight onto CD at Jacobs instead of getting prints - this way it even works out cheaper, and with much less effort. What could be better?!

I hope this news thing makes sense - it's been a very long day!

Brighton Beach

As today was meant to be a really nice day, a few of us had planned to jump on a train to Brighton. It turned out the weather wouldn't start out so good, which worried us a little, but we went down anyway. Luckily after an hour or so the cloud had lifted completely to leave blue skies and the odd patch of cotton-wool clouds.

After walking along the promenade to visit Brighton Pier we headed to the beach for a spot of sunbathing in the glorious sunshine. I think I am burnt a little now though... Oops. It was worth it for a nice relaxing and fun day though. :)

As with any new place I visit, the camera never went away - at least not for long. So hopefully, when I get my scanner working, I'll have some nice photos of Brighton to put up on the site.

Phone amnesia

Nokia 3210Apparently my phone has a case of amnesia. It has completely forgotten how to spell words in the English language, or any other for that matter. That means I now can't use my predictive text system to write SMS messages - perhaps the most useful feature of the phone. How can I cope without texting, I'll have to go back to email... Or I could phone people, but that's not free for me.

It's weird because up until now people have been telling me that the 3210 is the best phone they've ever had and most regretted upgrading to different models. Ah well, this little episode certainly puts me one big step closer to buying myself a nice new phone!

London Cow Parade

One of the four London Cow Parade Cows at Marble Arch by Dan KarranI've been into London today for a wander round in the nice weather (and for shopping - of course). Whilst walking through town I thought I'd take some snaps of the numerous cows scattered around the centre as part of the London Cow Parade. This particular one was standing staring at the Marble Arch, along with three others.

The only thing is, I've realised my Vivicam couldn't take sharp photos to save its life... Thats why the picture is only on here as a small version. I guess the camera is still okay just for taking close-up pictures of people on a night out though.

New design in the pipeline

New design for dankarran.comTonight I've been working on a new design for The image on the left (click it for a bigger version) gives you the general idea of how it is so far [updated 19/Jul]. I decided to base this design around one of my photos of Times Square, New York.

I've yet to figure out the best way to do the navigation within the main sections of the site. Whether I add secondary menus to the top bar, or keep them similar to how they are at the moment with the links down the left, only time will tell...

Chocolat et le vin

ChocolatDespite promising myself I'd have an early night last night, I somehow managed to stay up until the early hours watching DVDs with my flatmate Owen and a couple of his friends. And of course, what's a night in infront of the TV without something to drink (note to self: wine isn't the best thing to have on a Sunday night, with work in the morning).

We started out watching Kevin and Perry Go Large, which was pretty funny - and has a great soundtrack. The next was Chocolat. At this point I thought I'd head off to bed thinking the movie would be rubbish, but it wasn't anything like I expected it to be. It's an amazing movie, partly because of the thought of all that chocolate. Mmmmmm. By the time we'd started watching Bridget Jones's Diary though, I had lost all concentration and so decided to go to bed. This morning I suffered... damn wine :)


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