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Addicted to strawberry cheesecake

Haagen Dazs Strawberry CheesecakeI think I'm going to have to admit defeat, it would seem I've got myself addicted to Haagen-Dazs Strawberry Cheesecake icecream and also to Starbucks Tazo Chai Tea Latte. I can see my wallet starting to feel poorly quite soon I think.

By the way, I had planned to post a message today to announce some new photos on the site, but my scanner appears to have become posessed(!) and won't let me scan in any more photos. I'm trying to find a way to help the poor little thing, but for now the site isn't going to see any new pictures. So, instead of posting a useful message like that, I thought I'd post a pointless one - purely because I'm bored and should really be asleep.

Passed my exams

I found out yesterday that I'd passed my second year exams at university - a huge relief considering I was sure I'd messed up two of my papers completely. I don't know any grades or anything yet, but at least I know I don't have to resit. :)

New photos

'Town Hall' - Manchester, UK - by Dan KarranI've just added six new photos to the Manchester gallery and three more to the New York gallery. These are the only ones which I'd scanned in previously and were ready to be put online once I got my computer set up...

There are a load more yet to scan in, and hopefully I'll get some good photos from the London Mardi Gras and from around London generally... I'll see tomorrow when I pick them up from the lab.

By the way, if you're looking for the cheapest place in London to get your photos developed, pop into Jacobs Photo on New Oxford Street, where they will develop your films for just £2.99 - the best price I've found anywhere!

Evenings out

Thea Gilmore - Rules for JokersI've just got back from seeing a gig by Thea Gilmore at Camden Locks. It's one of the few gigs I have actually been to (usually too stingy to pay for them) but I thought she was brilliant!

I only went at the last minute because one of my friends had bought some tickets to see Thea on the spur of the moment - not realising he'd already organised to see Erykah Badu the same night. Anyway, we both had a great time so it worked out pretty well :)

Not only was I out tonight, but I'm also out tomorrow night for somebodys birthday and also out partying over the weekend, which should be fun in all - but I guess it will start to take its toll by the end of the weekend.

Eyes set on something new

Nokia 8310Ok, so I have my eyes set on the gorgeous Nokia 8310 - especially since my current phone has all but given up on letting me use the '2' key unless I really try and persuade it. Only thing is, it's going to cost me a fortune because I'm only 6 months into my contract - must find a way to get a cheap(er) one!

Actually, the phone isn't the only thing I have my eyes set on at the moment, but I'm not going to go into that here   :)

Laziness overcome

After two weeks of living down here in Ilford, I've finally started to unpack all the stuff which has just been piled into my room since day one. I've just realised I actually have a floor under all this stuff! Who would have thought?

Anyway, I should be setting up my computer soon too (now I've found it), which will let me update more than just the news section on my site... One of the first things I'll do is put some more photos up.

Live and kicking

London is cool, apart from generally being awake more than I should be or more than my body is used to - but I'll get used to it at some point. I've been out a few times to take photos because the weather has been lovely most of the time. Keep an eye out here for some photos soon, and I'll open a new gallery for London...

New camera

Stratford Station at night by Dan KarranMy new camera arrived last night. I've bought myself a cheap little lightweight digital camera which I can take on nights out without worrying about it weighing my pockets down too much.

The camera is a nifty little Vivicam 20 from Vivitar, which can supposedly fit around 50 photos on at any time - which is cool for a night out! I've not really had a chance to experiment with it yet, but one of the first photos I took was on the way home tonight - at Stratford station...

Living in London

Well, I've now moved down south to start work for the year. I'm living in Ilford, Essex, and will commute into the city centre every day to work at Reuters. What lovely weather we're having down here too, will suit me nicely for the weekend before I start working.

Torremolinos 2002

Torremolinos 2002I got home this morning from an all-night beach party at the Manchester University Student Union - Torremolinos 2002.

Once a year they organise a party from 8pm till 8am and bring in fairground rides and all sorts, as well as lots of music and cheap drinks. It's a great night but by the end you're really starting to feel the effects of 12 hours clubbing!

With it being a beach party, obviously you have to find the worst ever flowery shirts and tacky shorts to wear (boy did I get some odd looks this morning going home on the bus in dodgy beachwear). I'll put the photos on here when I get them back from the shop...


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