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Light at the end of the tunnel

Well, I had two more exams yesterday (just one left now, on Wednesday). Two exams is quite enough for one day, and it makes your mind go all jelly-like, so I took some time after my second to go for a wander around Salford Keys - the nice day that it was. It's a lovely place and very photogenic on a gorgeous day (shame it didn't stay that way though). Look out for some photos in my Manchester gallery soon... Back to revision for me though.

Bogged under!

It's almost a month since I last updated the site I think - it's scary to think how much work I've had to do recently.

I'm right in the midst of my exam period at the moment, so I'm stuck doing lots of revision. I've had one of my six exams, and luckily they gave us the easiest one first (all multiple choice) but from here on in they get progressively harder.

I will update the site once my exams are all over and I've had sufficient time to unwind...

New York photos

Statue of Liberty overlooking Manhattan, New York City by Dan KarranI've just finishing adding a pile more photos to the New York galleries but I'm still only into my third packet of photos... another heap to go yet!   :)

I'm actually have a few problems uploading a few of the pictures, so if you see a few which have the bottom portion chopped off, don't worry - I just need to try and figure out how to fix it.

Voting and comments

After having redesigned my galleries, it's given me much more scope to do other things with them, such as adding interactive features for you like the ability to vote on pictures and leave comments about specific ones. I've not yet decided if I'm going to do this or not, but keep an eye out for new features soon (once I've got some of my coursework, revision and exams out of the way).

Photo galleries relaunched

I have been putting the final(ish) touches to the new photo galleries today, and after a few little teething problems have managed to get them all up and running again. You may not notice much difference, because the main changes are in the backend, to allow me to maintain it much more easily. However, there is one big change that is apparent - when you click on a photo, it will no longer open up in a new window, instead loading into its own little page. Please note also that as I've only just implememented the new system, most of the photos don't have descriptions yet, so I'll be doing that whenever I get a chance.

Gorgeous weather

The lovely weather which has been showing itself over the UK has finally made its way over to the Isle of Man today, so I've been out most of the day with my camera (although I forgot to take some spare films, the dozy lad I am!). I've been up north, to the Maughold and Ramsey sort of areas. I'll get the photos developed when I get back to Manchester early next week, and put them up onto the site at some point.

New design

Site design number 10It's 3.30am in the morning and I've just changed the design of the site. This was a spur of the moment design decision at about midnight, though I've been thinking about changing it all for a little while. I've stuck with a minimalistic sort of design and kept the navigation down the left hand side (though I may be changing to menus across the top of the page at some point). There are still a few bits which need tweaking - such as the margins between the text in this white box and the blue border - and I should be fixing these in the next few days. Please leave a note in my guestbook to let me know what you think of the new design. You can see the history of my site too, if you're interested. Cheers!

Back in Manchester

We arrived back in Manchester airport this morning, after quite a long day travelling (and I now can't hear anything as my ears haven't de-pressurised yet). I've taken the photos - all nine rolls - to the developers and hope to get them back tomorrow and some of them onto my site soon.

Where is all the time going?

It's Friday already and I've seen so much so far and had such a great time. I still have 4 more days but loads to fit in. I still haven't even set my eyes on Central Park (apart from a quick glance from the bus). The weather is proving strange - from pouring rain, to clear skies, to snow last night and freezing cold weather today!

Photo from BigAppleJazz.comWe spent last night in a great little jazz club in Harlem called St Nicks Pub - not somewhere I'd norally have chosen to go, but when we had to leave I just wanted to stay - it was amazing! Instead, we piled into the local Irish bar for a, ummm, nightcap. Today I'm going to be spending wandering around the city (wrapped up warm!) doing some work on my project in the Lower East Side.


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