I have an interest in all things geospatial, especially where those things have a web aspect.


The OpenStreetMap project is an attempt to allow mappers around the world to collaborate on creating a free map of the world that can be used without the restrictions typically found on commercial datasets. I first heard about the OpenStreetMap project at the Open Geodata Forum in 2005, and by the end of the year I had started to get involved, mapping the Isle of Man in a form that I and others would be able to use afterwards, without having to pay fees for commercial data. I have been involved in mapping the Isle of Man, London and Stuttgart, Germany.

In 2010, I launched a site at providing an online map of the Isle of Man, based on the data that I and others have contributed to OpenStreetMap.

Customised maps for your website

If you're looking for a customised map of your area from OpenStreetMap data, like the one on the Kionslieu Farm Cottages website, I can help you out. If you're interested, please get in touch.

Geographic information in Drupal

When I started my job as a Software Engineer in late 2005, my main role was to extend the geographic capabilities of the Drupal content management system, which led to my development of the GeoRSS module (now deprecated) and the KML module which allows owners of Drupal sites to give their users the option to view all of their geographically enabled content in Google Earth.


A BSc in Computing and Geography and an MSc in Geographic Information Science (about) have helped broaden my interest in geography, and in the area of geographic information in particular.