Chocolat et le vin

ChocolatDespite promising myself I'd have an early night last night, I somehow managed to stay up until the early hours watching DVDs with my flatmate Owen and a couple of his friends. And of course, what's a night in infront of the TV without something to drink (note to self: wine isn't the best thing to have on a Sunday night, with work in the morning).

We started out watching Kevin and Perry Go Large, which was pretty funny - and has a great soundtrack. The next was Chocolat. At this point I thought I'd head off to bed thinking the movie would be rubbish, but it wasn't anything like I expected it to be. It's an amazing movie, partly because of the thought of all that chocolate. Mmmmmm. By the time we'd started watching Bridget Jones's Diary though, I had lost all concentration and so decided to go to bed. This morning I suffered... damn wine :)