A Manx weekend

This weekend I travelled back over to the Isle of Man to meet up with my friends for a 21st birthday gathering. Travelling north on the Friday I thought the weather would be rubbish, with all the nice weather we'd had in London till then. Unsuprisingly, it was all misty arriving in Douglas on the SeaCat on Saturday morning. Sunday turned out to be gorgeous however. I spent much of the day on Port Erin beach and taking photos (oh, and recovering from the night before, of course). Now I'm a little burnt again as a result - that's two weekends in a row I've managed to get sunburn!

I should have some new photos to put on the site now though. I have opted for putting them straight onto CD at Jacobs instead of getting prints - this way it even works out cheaper, and with much less effort. What could be better?!

I hope this news thing makes sense - it's been a very long day!