Covent garden

I was out on Saturday taking lots of pictures of Covent Garden in North London, before the weather came in and forced me (along with thousands of others) under the cover of the central market. I was ready to make a dash for the station when the blue skies started to appear; luckily I noticed and stayed a little longer.

Actually, it seems I spent a lot of time last week in and around Covent Garden. I went out with Andrea and Martin from work to a bar called the Rock Garden on Thursday for a few quiet drinks after work. At around 1am we thought we better head off. We decided to stay and crash a party - which we later found out to be a singles party. Well, it was certainly interesting! Almost magical for some, not to name any names :). Friday we went for more drinks, this time softdrinks, and managed to stay away from the Rock Garden. I never come away from that place sober!

The point to this post is that I will be getting a load of photos back tomorrow and will put some online at some point soon. Lets hope my scanner works or I can find another one that does...