New camera on its way

Fuji S602 ZoomAfter getting home last night and searching Amazon for Christmas presents for people, I thought to myself, maybe now is the right time to treat myself to the digital camera I've been after for a while.

Before I turned back and left it sitting there on the site, I ordered myself a Fuji S602 Zoom camera with extra memory. Anxious as I was to receive it, I spent most of today checking and checking the Amazon site to see if it had been dispatched... in the end it had been, so I should have it by tomorrow :). I can't wait to start taking photos with it!

One of the good things about Amazon at the moment is that they're offering free postage for all orders over £39, which of course means it's free for digital cameras and the like, but also means it's free if I can find enough of my Christmas presents for other people on there too... yay! That's a lot of my christmas shopping sorted then!