More trips planned...

Despite me wanting desperately to do some proper travelling again this year (like Europe in 2001), after finishing working in London, I haven't really been able to plan anything. I would have loved to have gone travelling somewhere for a few weeks, but maybe I'll do some at the end of my degree instead.

It's not all bad though, as I've got some more trips planned between now and starting back at university in September... and more trips means more photos :)

I will be going home to the Isle of Man for a little time over the Easter weekend to visit family and friends. Then, two weeks later, I'll be travelling up to Manchester for a friends 21st birthday. Two weeks after that, I'll be leaving the country and heading for a weekend in Switzerland (which cost just £45; an amazing deal if you ask me). Easyjet were kindly paying most of the taxes for us as part of their latest special offer. A few weeks afterwards, I'll be taking a trip to Prague with a group of friends from London. Then, some time later (in August) I will be jetting off for a week in Ibiza with my friends from the Isle of Man.

I may as well put my wages towards something good, eh.