Postcards and prints of my photos

Since last weekend I've been investigating the possibility of me being able to sell prints and or postcards of my photos from my photography section. I've been looking at some suppliers, both in the UK and in the US, to provide items directly to my site visitors but both have their drawbacks and neither are really suitable for what I want to do at the moment.

Chinese LanternsThe companies I've been looking at are CafePress which operate in the US and offer all sorts of products they can print the photos onto, and PhotoBox which operate in the UK and sell mainly prints. I've been experimenting with a number of prints from PhotoBox and they certainly come up to scratch when it comes to quality, but when it comes to buying things through my site they're not really able to do what I want. With CafePress, they're centred around an American market and so they run into problems when customers want to deal with them in British Pounds.

My Chinese Lanterns picture came out really well at 8x10" and I am currently waiting for another picture (from the top of the London Eye) to come back from being printed at 10x12" to see if the quality will be good enough.

Out of curiosity, if I did begin to offer the sale of prints, which ones would be most of interest to you, my site visitors, and what sort of price would you expect to pay for different sizes of print? Please let me know what you think. I would also like to make a 2004 Isle of Man Calendar if I can find enough suitable pictures to use.

Well, as it's such a hot day down here in London (BBC: Hot with long sunny spells. Very slight chance of a thundery shower by evening), I'm going to get something ice-cold and find a nice quiet place to lie down in the park for a while and enjoy it. At some point, I should venture into town to find some more summerly clothes to wear. Right now, it's actually quite uncomfortably stuffy in this internet cafe at the moment so I need to escape!