Buy prints from my digital photo collection

Buy Now button exampleI have been working on an online ordering system (with the help of PayPal) for prints of photos from my galleries. If you are interested in buying photographic prints from my site, then your luck is in... Initially, availability will be limited to the photos which have been taken with my digital camera and a few others besides. Hopefully before too long it will expand to all of the other photos on my site. Photos which are available already include Aberdovey, Amsterdam, Cambridge, Ilford, London (limited), Maidstone, Sandvika, Windsor and York, along with most of my feature galleries.

To buy, just find the photo you like and click the 'Buy now' button located beside the photo. This will bring up a Shopping cart, which you can either add more to (click 'Continue shopping') or pay for. Photos currently cost £15.00, which includes free shipping to UK addresses.

If you have any comments on the new system, please let me know.

Also in the pipeline is a facility to let you subscribe to the site to receive the latest updates (ie these news postings) on a regular basis, if there have been any.