Busy days.... and Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo (from amazon.co.uk)Before Christmas I went to see Finding Nemo at the cinema and thought it was brilliant... despite the fact it's sort of aimed at kids. Well, it came out on DVD on Friday and I was so excited when I found it waiting for me on my doorstep before going into university. I spent last night watching the movie and then today watching all of the special features. It's so good!

Student Housing HelperOver the past few months, it seems like I've had no time to myself with lots of university work on. One of the things that I'm working on is my Final Year Project, which I've decided to create a website for. It's a website called the Student Housing Helper, and basically it helps students find accommodation for their time at university. It is also going to help them find out more about the area around the houses - so, for example, it'll list the pubs which are nearby and the bus routes which go into university or into the city centre. Once the whole thing is a little more complete, I'll add a link to it from this site...

Oh, and talking of all these things I have to do, I still have a load of photos from the Isle of Man and from around Manchester to upload to the photo galleries. Hopefully I will actually get around to it very soon. Fingers crossed!

ps - Happy Leap Year!