Exams around the corner...

With exams just a week away I'm busily studying, but eagerly awaiting the pending summer months. The warm weather is starting to make an appearance, with Manchester seeing a string of summer days over the past week - not the best weather to be stuck inside revising! With the weather being so nice, I've taken the opportunity to walk into university and back most days, which is a nice change than sitting on a crowded old bus (and often faster).

UCLI have today applied to study for an MSc in Geographic Information Science at UCL for a year. It will be a little while before I find out if I've been successful in getting a place (and funding), but I'm hoping for the best. The course builds on some of the modules I've already done but goes into much more detail in the area of GIS, which is the area I have found most interesting within the course.

When I've finished my course here in Manchester, I want to go away on holiday... I've got a few ideas of where I want to go, and think this would be a great opportunity to visit friends in places of the world I've never been before. And that hopefully means free accommodation too, which is always a plus.

By the way... Some time after exams I promise to give this site a bit of an overhaul, because a lot of the information is out of date (and badly spelt in some places, as people have pointed out!).