A busy weekend in London

This weekend I was down in London, taking a break after three exams last week - before I have to sit the final exam of my degree this Friday.

New City ArchitectureWhilst it was a nice break, it wasn't exactly relaxing, as London never is. It did mean though, that I got to visit an exhibition that I'd read about a week or so ago - called New City Architecture, it is an exhibition about 21 of the the City of London's newest buildings. The exhibition was fascinating, especially after living in London for a year, seeing some of the buildings growing over the time I was there (like the 'gherkin' which I travelled past each morning on the way to work).

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanLater on Sunday I went to see the crowds screaming for the European Premier of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in Leicester Square, although were unfortunately too far back in the crowd to see any of the cast going in to the cinema (other than on the big screens which they had set up for the evening). The Day After TomorrowThe film has had some great reviews, and is said to be the best of the three made so far. Unfortunately it was only released yesterday and has been sold out so far, so I haven't yet been able to see it. Soon, hopefully...

Instead of seeing Harry Potter, I did get to see The Day After Tomorrow, which also turned out to be a great film. It's all about a world in which the climate suddenly takes a turn for the worse, caused by the growing fossil fuel usage and the global warming it creates. Whilst a little cheesy and slightly unbelievable in some places (to say the least) it certainly does make you think, and it's a great watch at the same time.