Last minute knowledge absorption

NewsweekFocusWith less than 9 hours until my last exam - called somewhat vaguely a 'General Paper' - I've been reading a number of magazines to try and get my mind working again ready to answer two essay questions in the morning. The questions are generally very open ended, with a couple of past ones that spring to mind being 'The world is not enough. Discuss.' and 'Location, location, location. Discuss'. These do actually tie in quite well to the content of the course as a whole and particularly this years module on Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Coming back to Manchester on Tuesday I bought Focus and Newsweek magazines to help give me some examples to use in the exams. They both looked interesting on the outside and also proved to have a wealth of interesting stories inside, along with many which may be useful for tomorrows exam - especially in Newsweek, like Making the ultimate map and A future with nowhere to hide?. Having read both of these magazines for the first time and enjoyed them both thoroughly, I think I may just have to buy these more regularly!

On another note, I found out today that I've been granted funding from the Isle of Man Government for the masters I'm hoping to do next year - all I need to do now is wait to hear back from UCL about the course application...