Back in the Isle of Man

After my final term in Manchester I have now moved back to the Isle of Man for the summer before working out what I'll be doing for the following year (having still not heard from UCL about the Masters degree I'm hoping to do).

Pine needles in South Barrule plantationFox Glove in South Barrule plantationSince being back I have been for a wander into the woods to take some close-up photos of the nature around me here in the Island. I have created a Manx Nature gallery to show off some of the pine trees and fox gloves that are out at the moment and also some of the dafodils, gorse and heather which were around at Easter time this year.

On another note, I got a 2:i classification for my degree, which I am very pleased about - and I now have the letters BSc to put after my name if I wish.