Graduation and television

On Tuesday I attended my graduation ceremony and officially became a graduate of UMIST with the degree of BSc (Hons) in Computing and Geography with Industrial Experience at the level 2:i. If you're not sure how the UK classification system works, the order from highest to lowest is 1, 2:i, 2:ii, 3, pass. There are some photos from the day with me dressed up in robes and mortar board, though I look a little sunburnt in most so I'm not a big fan. At some point I'll upload a copy of one of the photos to the site.

On a separate note, this Sunday sees the first of a six-part wartime drama - called Island at War - to be shown on UK television. The series was filmed in the Isle of Man last year and I was lucky enough to be an extra in one of the episodes (though admittedly I'm not sure which one!). The first episode will be screened at 9pm on ITV.