Sun sneezing

Do you have a tendency of sneezing when you walk out of your front door into the sunlight? Do you sneeze when you look up towards the sky? Not everybody does but apparently up to about 1 in 4 of us sneeze as a result of bright light - usually the sun. Have you ever wondered why? Read on to find out...

What is sun sneezing?

Sun sneezing or photic sneezing is a genetic condition (sometimes called 'ACHOO Syndrome') in which the signals from your eye to your brain are somehow also received by the part of your brain which deals with the sneeze reflex. This means that when your brain is being told to contract your iris in response to increased light it also thinks that it is being told to produce a sneeze.

How do others react?

Like sneezing in general, different sun sneezers react in different ways, with different levels of sensitivity to sunlight. It's interesting to read through the comments of my sun sneezing questions blog post to see how the sun affects people's sneezing 'habits'. You can add your own comments in there too.

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