Mapping Pedestrian Infrastructure: London

It was great to attend the first Mapping Pedestrian Infrastructure: London Mapathon hosted by Meta last week.

Meta is working to improve the mapping of pavements and other pedestrian infrastructure in city centres to help give their users a better sense of place when using their products. They’re using the global OpenStreetMap open data project as the basis for these improvements, so they’re available to all users of the project, not just Facebook users.

They have been working to automate some quality assurance processes and use AI and machine learning to automatically create map data from various sources, from aerial imagery to Mapillary street-side imagery, but they still need the help of the open mapping community. They’re looking to bring together people from the OpenStreetMap community, academia and organisations working to improve the built environment for pedestrians.

If you’re interested in joining in with mapping London’s pedestrian infrastructure, you can get in touch with Said Turksever on Twitter or LinkedIn. If you’re already comfortable mapping in OpenStreetMap you can jump straight in to the Tasking Manager and start mapping.