Incorporating Instagram photos

Instagram has been home to my photos for over a decade now, as they make it easy to share photos with friends. While Instagram will continue to be the place I share photos, I plan to add those new photos here as well.

I’m starting to work through my old photos to import them into the site. The first batch of 1,600+ photos from Instagram (2013 to now) is available in the photography section, with some ongoing work to tag them for easier exploration, and to improve navigation and loading speeds.

There were some challenges with getting the photos from the Instagram archive into the site as it doesn’t include some data that would useful - like a link to the original Instagram post - but I found various workarounds. I may share some details on that in a later post.


Hello Hugo

This site has been online in one form or another since about 1995, but since 2014 I haven’t given it much attention.

In 2022 I decided it was time for a bit of a clean start, and the old Drupal site got taken down and replaced by a simple single page site. Now in 2024 I think it’s perhaps time to try and breathe a bit of life back into the site.

With the help of Hugo, the excellent static site generator, I’ve given the site an update to make it simple to manage content. Wish me luck.